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Locate and donate to a wide range of charitable organisations in Adelaide

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In Adelaide looking for a charity bin to donate your old clothes to or a store where you can donate other homewares and goods? You’ve come to the right place. We have all the locations of donation bins in Adelaide and the greater metropolitan area.

Even though Adelaide has a relatively small population compared to other capital cities in Australia, it’s one of the largest sources for clothing donations in the country. If you’re in the city, you’ll easily be able to find a donation bins in the Adelaide CBD and in suburbs such as Port Adelaide, Glenelg, Mawson Lakes, Golden Grove, and more.

Some of the organisations that maintain the charity bins and operate retail stores selling second-hand goods in Adelaide include The Salvation Army (Salvos), St Vincent De Paul (Vinnies), Redcross, Lifeline, and the SCRGroup. Before you head down to one of the bins or stores, check beforehand if they accept what you’re looking to donate. Most will accept clothes, but not all accept homewares, electrical appliances, or other household items.

As well, don’t gather up all the things you simply don’t want in your house and pawn them off into a donation bin or pay a store a midnight visit and dump it all for them to take care of. Reports are these charitable organisations are spending more than $13 million each year hauling off unusable donations to landfill. Money which could be far better spent on more useful projects.

Lastly, if you’re in Adelaide and know of a charity bin or retail location which accepts donated goods and it’s not on the map above, let us know so we can add it in. Happy donating!

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List of Adelaide Donation Locations

Australia’s largest list of Adelaide clothing donation bins and stores


If the donation bin you’ve turned up at is full or already overflowing, don’t add to the pile. Give the charity a call to let them know and find another location to donate to.

That depends on the charity. The most common result is that they’ll end up in a store for retail sale again or they’ll simply be donated directly to those in need.

If you’d like to know exactly where they’re going to end up, give them charity a call and ask them.

Adelaide has many different charitable organisations that you can donate your clothes or other items to. If you’d like to choose a specific charity, read about what causes they support and see if you align with them.