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In Australia, Vinnies is the affectionate nickname for the St Vincent de Paul Society, a well-known charity organisation that provides assistance to people experiencing poverty and disadvantage. They’ve been around for over 160 years and are one of the largest and most respected charities in the country.

Vinnies runs a wide range of programs and services aimed at helping individuals and families in need. This includes providing emergency relief in the form of food, clothing, and financial assistance, as well as offering accommodation, mental health support, and education and employment services.

Their iconic thrift shops, known as Vinnies Shops, play a key role in funding their charitable activities. These shops sell donated goods such as clothing, furniture, and homewares, with the proceeds going towards supporting Vinnies’ various programs and initiatives.

Volunteers are the backbone of Vinnies, with thousands of dedicated individuals giving their time and skills to help those in need. Whether it’s providing a listening ear, packing food hampers, or sorting through donations, volunteers play a vital role in making a difference in the lives of others.

Overall, Vinnies is a trusted and well-respected organisation that works tirelessly to alleviate poverty and provide support to vulnerable members of the community across Australia.

In Australia, you can find Vinnies charity bins all around the country, making it convenient for people to donate their clothes and other items. These bins are typically located in public areas such as shopping centres, car parks, community centres, and schools. Additionally, you may also spot them outside Vinnies Shops or other partner locations. Please make sure they are currently accepting donations, as some places have recently put up signs saying that they’re overflowing with donated clothes and cannot accept more.

To locate Vinnies charity bins near you, scroll through the list below or click on the map button. From there you can enter your address and find the closest one.

By donating to Vinnies through their charity bins, you’re helping support their important work in assisting individuals and families experiencing poverty and disadvantage across Australia.

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List of Vinnies Charity Bins

Australia’s largest list of Vinnies stores and clothing donation bins


Vinnies in Australia is all about helping out folks who are doing it tough. They’ve got their hands in a bunch of causes, but here are the ones they’re most known for:

Emergency Help: When people hit a rough patch—like losing their home or struggling to put food on the table—Vinnies steps in with things like food vouchers, clothing, and cash to help them get back on their feet.

Homelessness: Vinnies doesn’t just provide a bed for the night—they’re all about finding long-term solutions. They offer places to stay, help with finding permanent housing, and support services to tackle the root causes of homelessness.

Food Aid: No one should go hungry, and Vinnies makes sure of that. They dish out food hampers, serve up community meals, and even help people grow their own grub through community gardens.

Housing: Affordable housing is a big deal, and Vinnies is on it. They work to provide homes for people who might otherwise be left out in the cold.

Education and Jobs: Vinnies knows that having a job and education can change lives. That’s why they offer training, mentoring, and job placement services to help people build a brighter future.

Disaster Relief: When disaster strikes, Vinnies is there to lend a hand. They provide practical support and a shoulder to lean on for communities dealing with fires, floods, and other emergencies.

So, whether it’s putting food on the table, finding a place to call home, or getting back on your feet after a disaster, Vinnies is there to help out. They’re all about giving people a hand up when they need it most.

When you donate your clothes to Vinnies in Australia, they put them to good use in the following ways:

Resale in Vinnies Shops: Wearable clothes are often sold in Vinnies thrift shops at affordable prices. This not only provides low-cost clothing options for people in the community but also generates funds to support Vinnies’ charitable programs and services.

Direct Distribution to Those in Need: Some donated clothes are given directly to individuals and families facing hardship. This includes people experiencing homelessness, domestic violence survivors, or families struggling to make ends meet. Your donated clothes can provide warmth, dignity, and a sense of normalcy to those in need.

Recycling and Upcycling: Clothes not suitable for resale may be recycled or repurposed. Textile recycling initiatives help reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact of clothing disposal. This could involve turning old clothes into cleaning rags, insulation materials, or even new fabric for other products.

Overall, your donated clothes play a vital role in supporting Vinnies’ mission of assisting individuals and families experiencing poverty and disadvantage. Whether they’re sold in shops, distributed directly to those in need, or recycled for a new purpose, your generosity makes a difference in the lives of others and contributes to a more sustainable future.