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The Smith Family has been serving the Australian society for coming up to a century now, having first been established in 1922.

It all came together when five businessmen paid a visit to a local orphanage in Sydney, with hands full of toys and sweets. The short visit changed their lives and would go on to change the lives of millions of Australians and their families.

Today, The Smith Family is one of the most respected charities in Australia, often receiving donations from those more fortunate. As well, those who aren’t the most fortunate have also been donating to The Smith Family to help those in need.

One of the ways many Australians have been helping out, is by donating their old clothes and other items they no longer need.

Unfortunately, in a recent announcement, The Smith Family stated they’ll no longer be accepting clothing donations towards their charity. The list of all their clothing donation bins below will be kept for historical purposes.

They do, however, continue to host toy and book appeals where you can donate your old toys and books.

If you’d like to find a bin where you can donate your clothes near you, visit the menu and select your city.

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List of Vinnies Donation Locations

Australia’s largest list of Vinnies stores and clothing donation bins


Vinnies supports a wide range of causes with the support of the donations to many of their stores and bins around Australia. Some of those include low-income support, housing and homelessness, children and education, and the environment.

Like most other charities, Vinnies sells a lot of the donations they receive in their many stores around the country. From there, they use the funds to support their other causes.

If you’d rather donate to another charity, visit the menu and choose which city you’re in. Otherwise click on the map to start there.