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The Brotherhood of St. Laurence (BSL) has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1930 by Father Gerard Tucker, an Anglican priest based in Melbourne, Victoria. Inspired by his Christian beliefs and a desire to address the pressing social issues of the time, Father Tucker established the Brotherhood as a response to the poverty and inequality experienced by many Australians during the Great Depression.

Since its inception, the Brotherhood of St. Laurence has been committed to advocating for and supporting individuals and families experiencing disadvantage across Australia. Over the years, the organisation has expanded its reach and developed a comprehensive range of programs and services to address the diverse needs of communities.

While the Brotherhood of St. Laurence operates across multiple states and territories, it mainly focuses on the greater Melbourne metropolitan area. Its work includes providing support services, advocating for social justice, and fostering community development. One of the key initiatives of the Brotherhood is its op shops and donation centres, where they accept gently used clothing donations from the public.

These donated clothing items are then sold through their op shops, with proceeds used to fund the Brotherhood’s programs and initiatives aimed at assisting those in need. By recycling and repurposing donated clothing, the Brotherhood not only generates vital funds but also promotes sustainability and reduces waste.

Through its commitment to social justice, compassion, and dignity for all, the Brotherhood of St. Laurence continues to make a positive impact in communities across Australia, supporting individuals and families on their journey out of poverty and towards a brighter future.

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They support a range of causes aimed at addressing poverty, inequality, and social disadvantage in Australia. Some key areas of focus for BSL include:

Employment and Training: BSL provides employment services, vocational training, and education programs to help people build skills and find meaningful employment opportunities.

Aged Care and Support: Aged care services and support for older adults, including programs to promote independence, dignity, and well-being in later life.

Early Childhood Development: Supporting families and children through early childhood education and care programs, parenting support services, and initiatives to address child poverty and disadvantage.

Social Policy and Advocacy: Conducting research, advocacy, and policy development to address systemic issues of poverty, inequality, and social exclusion in Australia. It works to influence government policies and programs to create a fairer and more inclusive society.

Community Development: Engaging with communities to identify local needs, develop grassroots initiatives, and foster social connectedness and cohesion.

Through its various programs and initiatives, the Brotherhood of St. Laurence aims to create positive change and improve the lives of individuals and families experiencing disadvantage in Melbourne and beyond. It operates with a commitment to social justice, compassion, and dignity for all.

When they receives your donated clothes, they are typically processed and distributed in several ways:

Sorting and Quality Control: Donated clothes are sorted to ensure they meet quality standards. Wearable items are separated from those that are damaged or unsuitable for use.

Distribution through Op Shops: Wearable clothes are sold in BSL’s op shops (thrift stores) across Australia. The proceeds generated from the sale of these clothes help fund BSL’s programs and initiatives aimed at assisting those experiencing disadvantage.

Emergency Relief and Support Services: In some cases, donated clothes may be distributed directly to individuals and families in need through BSL’s emergency relief and support services. This ensures that those facing hardship have access to essential clothing items.

Recycling and Repurposing: Clothes that are not suitable for sale or distribution may be recycled or repurposed. Fabrics can be recycled into new materials or repurposed for other uses, minimizing waste and promoting sustainability.

Overall, donated clothes play a crucial role in supporting BSL’s mission to alleviate poverty and disadvantage in Australia. By recycling, selling, and distributing these donations, BSL is able to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families in need.