Find Charity Donations Bins Near You in Melbourne

Locate and donate to a wide range of charitable organisations in Melbourne

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As you can see, Melbourne is dotted with charity and donation bins, making it super easy for you to donate clothes and other household items without going too far from home.

You’ll find plenty of these bins in the Melbourne CBD and nearby suburbs like Collingwood, St Kilda, Abbotsford, Richmond, Brunswick, Footscray, and North Melbourne. If you’re a bit further out, in places like Dandenong, Box Hill, Coburg, Essendon, Sunshine, Brighton, or even Frankston, you’ll still find a charity bin close by.

So if you’re looking to drop off old clothes or other items, just scroll down to see the list or check out the map to find the nearest donation spot.

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List of Melbourne Charity Bins

Australia’s largest list of Melbourne clothing donation bins and stores


The best charity for donating clothes in Melbourne can vary based on your specific interests in supporting certain causes, but here are a few well-regarded organizations that are known for efficiently using donations to help their communities:

  • The Salvation Army (Salvos): They use donations to fund a wide range of social services, including homelessness and disaster relief.
  • St Vincent de Paul Society (Vinnies): Vinnies sells donated clothes in their shops to support efforts to combat poverty and help the disadvantaged.
  • Red Cross: Donations to Red Cross shops support their humanitarian programs, including disaster relief and community health initiatives.
  • Sacred Heart Mission: Located in St Kilda, they specifically focus on helping those experiencing homelessness and social exclusion.

Each of these organizations has several donation bins and shops around Melbourne where you can drop off your clothes. They generally ensure that donations either go directly to those in need or are sold in their op shops to raise funds for their programs. Checking the condition of your donations and ensuring they are suitable for resale or use can significantly help these charities reduce waste and focus resources on their programs.

When you donate clothes to a charity in Melbourne, they usually go through a series of steps to ensure they are used effectively:

Sorting: Once your clothes are donated, they’re typically sorted at a central facility. Volunteers or staff members check the quality and condition of each item. They decide whether the clothes are suitable for sale in their op shops, need repairs, or should be recycled.

Selling: Clothes that are in good condition are priced and placed for sale in charity shops. The funds generated from these sales are crucial for supporting the various charitable programs run by the organization, such as social services, aid for the disadvantaged, and community support initiatives.

Recycling: Clothes that aren’t fit for sale are not simply discarded, most of the time. Many charities have recycling programs where these items are turned into other products, like industrial rags or insulation material. This helps minimize waste and the environmental impact of unusable donations.

Direct Aid: In some cases, especially during emergency situations or for specific aid programs, good quality donated clothes might be given directly to those in need.

By donating your clothes, you’re not only clearing out your wardrobe but also contributing to a cycle that supports community welfare, promotes sustainability, and helps keep usable materials out of landfills.