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The Salvation Army is a Christian charitable organisation that provides a wide range of social services and assistance to people in need across the country. It operates as part of the larger international Salvation Army movement, which was founded in London in 1865 by William and Catherine Booth.

In Australia, they’re known for its iconic red shield logo and its commitment to serving the most vulnerable members of society. It operates numerous community centres, homeless shelters, addiction rehabilitation programmes, family support services, and thrift stores (known as Salvos Stores) throughout the country.

The organisation is staffed by both paid employees and volunteers who work tirelessly to provide practical assistance, emotional support, and spiritual care to individuals and families facing hardship. The Salvation Army’s mission is rooted in its Christian faith and the belief in serving others with compassion, dignity, and respect, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Overall, they plays a vital role in addressing social and economic inequality, supporting those in crisis, and advocating for systemic change to create a fairer and more compassionate society.

The Salvation Army’s charity bins, known as donation bins, are typically located in various convenient spots throughout communities in Australia. You can often find them in public places like shopping centres, car parks, petrol stations, and near Salvos Stores.

These bins provide a convenient way for people to donate clothing, shoes, accessories, and other household items. By dropping off items in these bins, donors can contribute to their charitable efforts and support their programs and services for those in need. But make sure to place your items inside the container, as dumping them outside can become an eyesore and a hassle to clean up.

If you’re looking for a specific charity bin location near you, scroll through the list below, or click on the map and enter your location. You’ll then be able to find directions to the closest one near you.

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List of Salvos Charity Bins

Australia’s largest list of Salvos stores and clothing donation bins


They support a wide range of causes aimed at addressing social issues and improving the well-being of individuals and communities in Australia. Some of the key causes they support include:

Emergency Relief: Providing immediate assistance to individuals and families facing crises such as homelessness, natural disasters, or financial hardship. They offer food parcels, clothing, accommodation, and other essentials to help people get through tough times.

Homelessness Services: They run shelters and accommodation services for people experiencing homelessness, providing safe and supportive environments where individuals can access accommodation, meals, and support services to help them rebuild their lives.

Addiction Recovery: They operate addiction rehabilitation programs to support individuals struggling with substance abuse and addiction. These programs offer counselling, therapy, and practical support to help people overcome addiction and lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

Family Support: They provide family support services, including counselling, parenting programs, and financial assistance, to help families navigate challenges and build stronger relationships.

Youth Programs: The Salvos run youth programs and services aimed at supporting young people facing challenges such as homelessness, unemployment, or social isolation. These programs offer mentoring, educational support, and recreational activities to help young people reach their full potential.

Community Services: They offer a variety of community services and programs, including food banks, community meals, financial counselling, and material aid, to support individuals and families experiencing financial hardship or social isolation.

Overall, Salvos are committed to addressing social and economic inequality, supporting those in need, and advocating for systemic change to create a more just and compassionate society. They rely on the generosity of donors and volunteers to fund and deliver their programs and services across Australia.

When you donate your clothes to The Salvation Army in Australia, here’s what usually happens:

Check and Sort: First up, your clothes get a once-over by the team. They make sure they’re in decent shape and sort them out into piles.

Handed Out to Those in Need: If your threads are good to go, they might get handed straight to someone who could really use them, like someone down on their luck or needing a fresh start.

Sold in Salvos Shops: The ones that can be sold end up in Salvos Stores all over the place. When someone snaps them up, the cash goes right back into running programs and services that help out heaps of people, from providing food and shelter to offering counselling and support.

Recycling or Repurposing: Now, if your clothes aren’t quite up to snuff for selling, no worries—they might get recycled or repurposed. That means they could be turned into something else useful, like insulation or cleaning cloths. It’s a win for cutting down on waste and being kind to the planet.

By handing over your old clothes to The Salvos, you’re not just decluttering your closet—you’re lending a hand to folks in need, backing up their community work, and doing your bit for the environment too. It’s like giving your clothes a second chance to make a difference!