Find Charity & Clothing Bins Near You in Brisbane

Locate and donate to a wide range of charitable organisations in Brisbane

Women loading bags of clothes to donate to charity

Similar to many of the other capital cities in Australia, there’s no shortage of charity bins and retail stores which accept clothing donations. Wherever you are throughout central Brisbane and the Gold Coast, there’ll always be a charity bin near you.

Brisbane is one of the biggest hubs in the country for donation bins scattered around the city. As well as the donation bins, you’ll find plenty of retail locations that also accept donations directly to their store. Besides the Brisbane CBD, you’ll find places where you can donate to in Holland Park, Ascot, Sunnybank, Aspley, Wellington Point, and many more.

Charitable organisations that’ll happily accept your donated clothes and other goods in Brisbane include Lifeline, RedCross, Vinnies, Salvos, and the SCRGroup. Keep in mind that sometimes different organisation only accept certain types of donations, so check on their accepted goods before heading down to visit them. For more information on each of the organisations, scroll further down the page.

Before you gather up all your old clothes and unwanted goods to donate thinking you’re doing good, make sure the items you’re donating can truly be put to good use. Torn or unwearable clothing, broken electrical appliances, and other damaged goods don’t benefit anyone – certainly not the organistions paying over $13 million each year to bring these unusable items to landfill.

If you wouldn’t pass it down as a 2nd hand gift to a friend or family, reconsider donating it to a charitable organisation. That $13 million could be put to far better use.

Are you in Brisbane and know of a charity bin near you that’s not on the map, let us know so we can add it in. Happy donating!

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List of Brisbane Donation Locations

Australia’s largest list of Brisbane clothing donation bins and stores


If the charity bin you’ve end up at is filled to the brim with clothes and other items – only donate if you can still safely put all your items in the bin without any overflow. Make sure the door is able to completely close as well, if it  has one.

There’s nothing worse for you, your local Brisbane community, or the charity – if clothes and other goods are left outside for all the elements.

It varies wildly depending on what you’ve donated, the quality of the items, and what purpose they have. If you’d like to know specifics, please get in touch with the charity directly.

There are quite a few charities accepting donations across Brisbane. If you care where you clothes or other donated items end up, it’s best to visit the charities official website, or give them a call.