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Good Sammy Enterprises is a well-known charity based mainly in Western Australia, focusing on helping folks with disabilities by offering them jobs and training. They run a bunch of shops where they sell things people have donated, like clothes, household bits, and furniture.

They use donation bins to collect these items. You’ll find these bins in handy spots like shopping centre car parks or near their shops. People chuck their unwanted stuff in these bins, and Good Sammy sorts it all out to sell in their stores. The money they make from selling these items helps fund their job training and employment schemes for people with disabilities. It’s a great way to recycle and cut down on waste, all while helping people get into work.

Besides these bins, Good Sammy also takes donations directly at their shops and can even come to your house to pick up bigger items or loads of stuff, making it super easy to support their cause.

List of Good Sammy Donation Locations

Australia’s largest list of Good Sammy clothing donation bins and stores


Good Sammy supports the cause of empowering individuals with disabilities. Their primary focus is providing employment opportunities and job training for people with disabilities. By doing this, they aim to enhance their quality of life, boost their independence, and help them integrate more fully into the community.

Through their various programs, the charity helps participants develop skills that are valuable in the workplace, such as retail operations, warehousing, and office work. These opportunities not only help individuals gain confidence but also contribute to breaking down barriers and changing public perceptions about the capabilities of people with disabilities.

When you donate clothes to Good Sammy, here’s what typically happens:

Collection: Your clothes are collected from the donation bins or you can drop them off at one of their retail stores. They also offer pick-up services for larger donations.

Sorting: Once collected, your donations are taken to a sorting facility where they are carefully sorted by staff and volunteers, many of whom are participants in their job training programs. They check the condition of the items and categorize them.

Sale: Items that are in good condition are then sent to one of Good Sammy’s retail stores to be sold. The funds raised from these sales go towards their employment and training programs for people with disabilities.

Recycling: Clothes that aren’t suitable for sale aren’t just discarded. Good Sammy strives to minimize waste by recycling items that are too worn or damaged to be sold. These might be processed into other products or materials, depending on their condition.

By donating your clothes to Good Sammy, you not only help the environment by reducing waste but also contribute to a valuable cause, supporting job training and employment for people with disabilities.