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Red Cross is arguably the most widely known charitable organisations in the world. The famous red cross is universally recognised as a symbol for people seeking aid and support.

In Australia, they’re no different. They support a vast number of causes through their op shops including homelessness, mental health, senior support, those in emergency situations, and much more.

In recent years, their organisation has handed out more than $800 million to charitable causes according to financial statements. One of the ways they fund their massive operations is by selling the clothes, homewares, furniture, accessories, toys, and books donated to their donation bins and retail outlets by generous Aussies such as yourself.

Across the country, there are hundreds of op shops and donation bins operated by Red Cross where you can donate your old clothes and other items. If you’re not sure whether or not they’ll accept what you want to donate, give them a call beforehand – better safe than sorry.

Similarly, if you want to find more organisations that have donation locations near you, not just Red Cross, visit the menu and select which city you’re in. There are plenty of organisations in Australia in the business of recycling old clothing for charitable causes.

Happy donating!

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List of Red Cross Donation Locations

Australia’s largest list of Red Cross clothing donation bins and stores


Red Cross Australia provides a vast range of services for their community. These include aged care facilities, mental health help, young parents, support for carers, and more. To see the full extend of causes they support, please visit their website.

As you may know, Red Cross operates hundreds of op shops around Australia that accept donations. Most of the time these donations are simply sold in the same store. The funds are then used to support their causes.

If you don’t want to donate to Red Cross, there’s likely plenty of other charities in your area that will be more than happy to accept your donation. Visit the menu and select your city or start your search using the map.