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In Australia, the Red Cross does a ton of good work helping people who really need it. They’re all about providing disaster relief, helping folks in emergencies, supporting vulnerable migrants, and more. They also focus on important stuff like promoting humanitarian laws and helping find missing people.

How Donated Clothes Help: When you donate clothes to the Red Cross, they usually end up in their op shops. These are their retail stores scattered around the country. The money made from selling your old threads helps fund all their cool programs. So, when you drop off a bag of clothes, the cash from those sales might go towards helping out after a natural disaster or supporting projects that make vulnerable communities stronger.

Selling these donated clothes not only brings in some much-needed funds for these programs but also keeps clothes out of landfills, promoting recycling and giving your old outfits a new life. This fits right in with the their ethos of helping out and being kind to the planet too.

So, when you give your clothes to the Red Cross in Australia, you’re not just clearing out your closet—you’re pitching in to help people in tough situations and doing a solid for the environment.

All over Australia, you’ll find loads of Red Cross charity bins and op shops where you can drop off your old clothes and other stuff. If you’re not sure if they’ll take what you’ve got, just give them a ring first—it’s always better to check.

And if you’re looking to find more places to donate, not just Red Cross, head to the menu and pick your city. There are tons of organisations around that recycle old clothes for a good cause.

Happy donating!

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List of Red Cross Charity Bins

Australia’s largest list of Red Cross clothing donation bins and stores


The Red Cross in Australia supports a range of causes like helping people in crisis and improving community resilience. Here’s some of their key focus areas:

Disaster Relief and Recovery: They provide immediate assistance during natural disasters like bushfires, floods, and cyclones, and help communities recover in the aftermath.

Emergency Services: The Red Cross helps people prepare for emergencies, respond when they occur, and recover after they pass. This includes supporting people in evacuation centres and after they return home.

Support for Vulnerable People: This includes services for the elderly, migrants, and people experiencing homelessness, ensuring they have access to essential services and community support.

Health and Wellbeing Programs: They run programs aimed at improving personal and community health, such as mental health support and first aid training.

Humanitarian Outreach: They advocate for humane laws and policies, work on reducing the number of missing people during crises, and help families reconnect with relatives lost in conflicts or disasters.

The Red Cross in Australia focuses on making sure people and communities don’t just survive hard times but come out stronger. They’re all about lending a hand where it’s needed most, from emergency relief to long-term community support.

When you give your clothes to the Red Cross in Australia, here’s what usually happens:

Sorting: First, your clothes get sorted at a central spot. The team checks each item to see if they’re good enough to go into their shops.

Selling: The clothes that make the cut are then sold in Red Cross Shops throughout the country. The money from these sales goes towards funding the Red Cross’s various programs, which include everything from disaster relief to supporting vulnerable populations.

Recycling: If the clothes aren’t right for the shop, they don’t just end up in the trash. Many are sent to recycling centers where they’re transformed into new products or materials, like rags or even insulation. This helps keep stuff out of landfills and supports environmental sustainability.

Direct Aid: In some cases, particularly during emergencies, clothes that are ready to be worn can be given directly to those who need them most, helping out during crises like floods or fires.

By donating your old clothes to the Red Cross, you’re not just freeing up some closet space—you’re also helping fund important humanitarian work, promoting recycling, and directly aiding people in crisis.