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SCR Group has quickly become one of the largest clothing recycling organisations in Australia. Across the country, they have hundreds of donation bins ready for you to donate your old and used clothing to.

Every year, more than 2 million Australians visit their donation stations to donate their clothes – 100% of which is recycled. Meaning nothing goes to landfill, unlike some other charities in Australia.

What happens to the clothes that can’t be re-sold or re-used? It’s turned into rags or converted into alternate fuel called biofuel. On top of that, they continue to research additional methods to improve their recycling processes.

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List of SCR Group Donation Locations

Australia’s largest list of SCR Group stores and clothing donation bins


Unlike many other charities, recycling clothes is the only activity that the SCR Group undertakes. Every year, they re-home more than 40 million items of clothing around the country.

SCR Group recycles almost all of the donations their receive into their bins – with a primary goal of their organisation to not send a single piece of clothing to landfil. Any clothes that can’t be recycled is turned into other products such as bio-fuel.

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