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The SCR Group in Australia is a company specialising in textile recycling and sustainability solutions. They focus on collecting and repurposing used clothing, textiles, and shoes to minimise waste and promote environmental responsibility. Here’s what they’re known for:

Textile Recycling: The SCR Group gathers clothing, textiles, and shoes from various sources such as charity bins, councils, businesses, and events. They then sort and process these items for recycling or reuse.

Second-Hand Clothing Sales: They sell quality second-hand clothing through their retail outlets, providing affordable fashion options while encouraging the reuse of textiles.

Environmental Initiatives: The SCR Group is committed to reducing waste and minimising the environmental impact of textile disposal. They collaborate with partners to develop innovative recycling solutions and promote circular economy practices.

Community Engagement: They engage with communities and businesses to raise awareness about textile recycling and encourage sustainable practices. This includes educational campaigns and outreach programmes aimed at promoting recycling and waste reduction.

Overall, the SCR Group is a significant player in Australia’s textile recycling industry, contributing to environmental sustainability and advocating for responsible consumption and waste management.

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