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The Smith Family is like that friendly neighbour who’s always there to lend a hand, but on a big scale. They’ve been around since 1922, making sure kids from tough backgrounds get a fair go in education.

Basically, they’re all about giving kids from struggling families a leg up. They’ve got these cool programs that help with school stuff, like tutoring, mentoring, and even work experience gigs to show them the ropes for the future.

One neat thing they do is match kids who need a bit of extra help with reading buddies over the phone. It’s like having a friend to chat about books with, but they’re also helping you get better at reading.

And those after-school learning clubs? They’re like hangouts where kids can get homework done, get a bit of extra help if they need it, and just have fun learning stuff.

The best part? They do all this with the help of generous folks who pitch in to support their cause. So, next time you’re thinking about giving back, The Smith Family is a pretty cool option to consider.

A lot of Aussies have been pitching in by donating their old clothes and stuff they don’t use anymore.

Unfortunately, The Smith Family recently announced they won’t be taking clothing donations anymore. Sad, but true. The list of their clothing donation bins below is still here for historical sake, though.

But hey, it’s not all bad news! They’re still up for old toys and books, so you can still clear out your shelves and help out.

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List of Smith Family Charity Bins

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