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Locate and donate to a wide range of charitable organisations in Canberra

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Update: The ACT Government announced in April 2020 the closure of all clothing charity bins on public land in Canberra. If you still want to donate your clothes, please visit a thrift store location or contact a charity directly to organisation your donation. Otherwise, you can see a list of all the donation bins in Sydney if you’re heading that way in the near future.

Even though Canberra’s the capital city of Australia, it only houses a small population compared to Melbourne or Sydney. In saying that, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find a charity bin near you in Canberra.

No matter where you are in Canberra, you’ll be able to find a charitable organisation that either maintains a donation bin or has opened a retail store selling second-hand goods (which likely also accepts donations). You’ll be able to find them in the Canberra CBD, and suburbs such as Mawson, Aranda, Lyneham, Campbell, Fyshwick, and more.

The Smith Family, SCR Group, Red Cross, Vinnies, and the Salvation Army, are the largest organisations accepting clothing donations in Canberra. You’ll also find some of the organisations also accept donated electrical appliances, homewares, linen, and other various goods. If you do want to donate something other than clothes, it’s best to give them a call or double-check their donation policy before heading down to one of their locations.

Please keep in mind as well that you should only be donating clothes and your other goods that are still in reasonable condition. If you think it’s better off going in the trash, throw it away yourself. Dumping unwanted goods not suitable to be resold or donated to those who need the items is costing some charitable organisations up to $13 million each year to haul it all off to landfill. You know that money could be better spent.

The list below was created to be exhaustive, but we’re only human. If you know of more charity bins near you in Canberra or a store that accepts donations of clothes and other items, let us know and we’ll add it in. Happy donating!

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List of Canberra Donation Locations

Australia’s largest list of Canberra clothing donation bins and stores


If the donation location you’ve turned up at is already fill, please don’t add to the pile or leave them outside the bin. Give the charity a call and let them know it’s full, then find another location to donate to.

Depending on which charity you donate to will determine where your donated goods end up. Usually they are either sold in retail stores or donated directly to those in need.

If you’d like to know specifics, give the charity a call and ask them about their donation process.

There isn’t necessarily a best charity, they all just support a range of different causes. Find the one the aligns with that you support, and donate your goods to them.